Other Commercial Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire, CA

Commercial Cleaning Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

Accumulated dirt and dust can lower the energy production of your solar panels by as much as 5% per day; South Shore utilizes non-abrasive cleaning solutions and techniques to help you keep solar panels performing at its maximum capacity just by keeping them on a regular maintenance program.

Window Caulking and Waterproofing

Structural cracks, damaged joints, outdated coatings and many other sources can allow water to enter a structure causing severe damage to the structure and it’s interior. South Shore experts are highly skilled at sealing such joints or cracks, to protect your building from water intrusion, air, dust, insects and noise. South Shore also offers curtain wall inspections to help reduce the risk of future leaks.

Bird Abatement Systems

Birds can be a nuisance at your property causing excessive noise, leaving droppings that can pose as a health risk and they can cause a significant amount of permanent property damage. South Shore Building Services provides expertise in the cleanup of stains and damage caused by birds and the installation of bird abatement systems. We are experts in providing humane bird control solutions through bird netting, Flex Track and the installation of bird spikes. By installing effective bird control solutions, we help to protect the health of your tenants and the look of your property. Call us today to find out more how we can customize a solution for you.

Awning Cleaning

Keep your awnings looking new! South Shore experts will clean and seal you existing awnings to give them a fresh appearance. We apply a powerful fabric cleaner to dramatically reduce streaks, stains and pollution, followed by sealing your awnings to protect them from excessive UV damage and mildew growth.